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7 outdoor activities for the fall season
Autumn is the time of the year when we snuggle up in front of the TV and light candles. However, with the right clothes it’s a wonderful season to spend some time outside. Our outdoor collection carries urban, wind and water repellant clothes and functional sweaters, which makes it easy to dress in layers. Here is a list of seven outdoor activities to do this fall.
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Outdoor activities with Sofia Åhman
Autumn has arrived and the weather is turning colder and windier. Many then choose to do their workout indoors, but I like to encourage everyone to stay outside. This will not only reduce the risk of catching a virus, exercising in nature also reduces our stress level and gives us an extra boost. Nothing beats the feeling of completing a workout outdoors in the wind, cold or rain. It will make you feel like you are on top of the world!
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Exercises for your legs, arms, and abdominals
Flat bench exercises for your legs, arms, and abdominals. In this video, personal trainer Lollo will guide you through five incredible exercises that will give you instant results. If you don’t have a flat bench a sturdy chair, a couch, a fallen tree or a big rock in the forest will do just fine.
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In shape for a great summer
The golf season is almost here and we are longing for the golf course.
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Start exercising outdoors
When temperature drops it is easy to get stuck in the warm and cozy couch at home. But with the right clothes, a visit to the outdoors in the winter is great for body and mind and it will boost your energy. The satisfying feeling you get after exercising outdoors is amazing!
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Home training for the buttocks
Have you ever heard of Gluteus Maximus? It sounds like a roman emperor, doesn’t it? Well, it is actually the name of our biggest muscle, the gluteal muscle or commonly referred to as your butt. Our most important muscle that gets a lot of attention right know because it is very trendy to have a buttock with a lot of “put”. However, there are so many more important reasons to why you should exercise your buttocks.
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