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Privacy policy

If you like to know more about how we handle your personal data – you have come to the right place. We will give you all the inform you need to know when it comes to our department of communication, sales and customer service. Our goal is to make you feel safe as our customer.

Personal data and GDPR

Daily Sports AB, corporate ID no. 556217-7955, (“Daily Sports”), Tulegatan 47, 113 53 Stockholm, is the controller for the personal data for which Daily Sports determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data internally within the organisation and externally on e.g. its website, social forums and blogs, etc. Data Protection Officer – Daily Sports AB’s Data Protection Officer, Anna Andersson, can be contacted at Complaints regarding Daily Sports’ personal data processing can be submitted to Daily Sports and the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

Questions about Daily Sports’ processing of personal data can be sent to

Daily Sports is a Swedish fashion company that designs, produces and sells golf clothes and active wear for women all over the world. The company’s processing of personal data is primarily aimed at fulfilling contracts with the data subjects and at marketing and informing customers about the company’s products. The personal data processing mainly takes place using the company’s own servers in Sweden. Daily Sports engages data processors for certain types of processing. Any processing carried out by the data processor is governed by a data processing agreement. Upon request, Daily Sports will provide information about which data processors are used and the processing operations they perform. The personal data processing carried out by each unit is outlined below.


Purpose: Marketing of the company’s products through newsletters, SMS and social media, such as Facebook, smart tag, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, competitions and events, etc.

Processing performed: Communication about marketing of our products, communication before and after participation in a competition or event (e.g. confirmation of registration, questions or evaluations). Verification of identity and age and maintenance of accurate up-to-date information, communication of winners and delivery of any prizes, such as clothing or accessories from Daily Sports.

Category of personal data: First name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address.

Legal basis: Legitimate interest or consent. If legitimate interest is the legal basis, we have determined that our processing of your personal data in the form of marketing of our products and communication with you in the form of newsletters, as well as in the case of participation in events, competitions, etc. outweighs the protection of your personal data and does not infringe your fundamental rights and freedoms.

Storage period: Until the customer has deregistered.


Purpose: To be able to handle orders/purchases

Processing performed: Personal data processing takes place in connection with the receipt of an order/purchase. Delivery (including notification and any contact regarding deliveries). Payment processing (including analysis of possible payment solutions, which may include a check of payment history and obtaining credit reports from Klarna). Handling of complaints. Storage of personal data to be able to address issues such as complaints and to fulfil requirements for accounts, taxes and fees, etc.

Category of personal data: First name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, payment history, purchase information, e.g. which product has been ordered, and delivery address.

Legal basis: The processing of personal data is necessary for the fulfilment of the sales contract and legal obligations relating to, for example, accounting, taxes and fees. The collection and processing of personal data is required in order to allow us to fulfil our obligations under the sales contract. If the information is not provided, our commitments cannot be fulfilled and we will therefore be forced to refuse your purchase.

Storage period: Until the purchase has been completed (including delivery and payment) and for a period of 36 months thereafter in order to be able to handle any complaints. Seven years for the data necessary for accounting and the control of taxes and fees.


Purpose: To be able to handle customer service cases.

Processing performed: Processing of personal data is necessary for communication with customers and to answer any questions received by customer service (by telephone or through digital channels, including social media), as well as for identifying customers if it is necessary to process the matter further. Investigation of any complaints and support cases (including technical support).

Category of personal data: First name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, your correspondence, details of the time and place of purchase, any fault/complaint. Technical information about your equipment, health data (e.g. allergic reactions and health conditions that the customer informs us of).

Legal basis: Agreement or legitimate interest. The processing is necessary to satisfy both your legitimate interest and ours in handling customer service cases.

Storage period: Until the customer service case is closed.


The rights of data subjects, erasure, rectification, etc.

    • As a consumer, you have the right to demand your rights in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.
      • The person whose personal data is processed is entitled to request from Daily Sports AB access to and rectification or erasure of personal data, or restriction of processing in relation to the data subject, or to object to the processing of personal data to the extent that this is done in accordance with applicable law, the purposes of the processing of your personal data, and under agreements entered into with you.
    • The right to data portability.
      • As a registered consumer, you have the right to obtain and use your personal information elsewhere, for example in another social media service. As responsible parties, we are obliged to facilitate this type of transfer of personal data. It only applies to such personal information that you as a consumer have provided yourself.

Supervision and compliance

    • General
      • Daily Sports’ employees are required to familiarise themselves and comply with the policy.
      • Daily Sports continuously communicates, educates and works to raise awareness of the issue of personal data processing.
      • Daily Sports checks the quality of its personal data processing by means of an annual evaluation.
      • Breaches of this policy must be reported through the appropriate channels. Reports can be submitted anonymously and without the risk of retaliation to Daily Sports AB’s Data Protection Officer.

Amendment and updating of the privacy policy

    • General
      • Daily Sports reserves the right to supplement and amend this privacy policy at any time and for any reason. Amendments may be required in particular as a result of changes to data protection legislation. This privacy policy may be supplemented by other privacy policies that are more specific to certain parts of the business.