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Let us inspire you! Follow the Daily Sports Blog. It will enlighten you with the latest golf and exercise tips, give you captivating interviews with female golfers, and interesting facts about the history of golf and of course for see you with style inspiration. So, just indulge in some reading that will make you long for the golf course. Do you lack inspiration or just in pursuit of information about your new-found passion? Either way, we will treat you to some tips that will make you a better golfer. We explain some of the most common golf terms and also give you a few of the best anecdotes in golf history. Don’t miss our interviews with women from the golf industry whom will inspire you on and off the golf course.

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Q & A with Agatha Sapak
I have been in the golf industry for over 20 years and find it fascinating how the women’s side has grown and evolved.
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Sandra reveals her best practice tips
Here are some of my best golf tips that work just as well indoors as outdoors.
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Lotte Hoekstra – Learnings about Long drive
The game of long drive has been popular for over decades in the United States. But luckily it is starting to grow here in Europe as well. To introduce myself, my name is Lotte Hoekstra, I’m 23 years old and I live in the Netherlands. When I was 9 years old, I fell in love with the game of golf, and now 14 years later, it still has me hooked. In 2019 I got into contact with long drive.
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Mireia’s best golf tip
Mireia Prat is our ambassador from Spain on The Ladies European Tour (LET). In this article, Mireia is sharing her best golf tip for the new season.
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Q & A with Nina – Sales Representative Daily Sports
I have worked as a sales representative at Daily Sports for six years now and I absolutely love it. It’s always a pleasure to visit our customers, the environment is fantastic; calm, quiet and the meetings are great.
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Q & A with Marie Ahlstrand
My work is my hobby, so I consider myself as one of the really lucky once – I first started out working in a golf store and later moved on to work for several golf companies. My longest employment has been at the Callay Golf head office in the UK where I worked for eighteen years. I can admit that being the only woman surrounded by conservative English male coworkers was tough. However, I worked hard and I´m proud to say that I managed to launch the first Big Bertha club in Sweden. After my years at Callaway I changed direction and went from working with hardware to software and started at Rönisch. The job at Rönisch then led me to a job at a golf course which later on led me to work as a golf host in Bulgaria and furthermore this job later led me to work for Daily Sports.
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