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Let us inspire you! Follow the Daily Sports Blog. It will enlighten you with the latest golf and exercise tips, give you captivating interviews with female golfers, and interesting facts about the history of golf and of course for see you with style inspiration. So, just indulge in some reading that will make you long for the golf course. Do you lack inspiration or just in pursuit of information about your new-found passion? Either way, we will treat you to some tips that will make you a better golfer. We explain some of the most common golf terms and also give you a few of the best anecdotes in golf history. Don’t miss our interviews with women from the golf industry whom will inspire you on and off the golf course.

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We give you with the latest fashion tips that will help you find your way through the jungle of designers golf clothes. You will also receive exercise tips that we hope inspires you to keep moving even off the golf course. Read our latest and most popular posts here.
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Mental and physical exercise
Mental and physical exercise will improve your personal health and your golf game.
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Practice golf indoors from north to south during the off season
When darkness falls and snow covers all our courses across the country like a thick white coat many put their clubs away. An intense golf season lies behind us and we deserve a break, but for those who like to keep practicing there are many indoor golf facilities you can visit. These facilities have gone through a huge transformation from being a dusty, musty basement with an old fish net hanging from the ceiling to a really nice golf lounge equipped with the latest golf simulators.
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Exercises for your legs, arms, and abdominals
Flat bench exercises for your legs, arms, and abdominals. In this video, personal trainer Lollo will guide you through five incredible exercises that will give you instant results. If you don’t have a flat bench a sturdy chair, a couch, a fallen tree or a big rock in the forest will do just fine.
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Do you feel uncomfortable on the golf course?
When you start playing golf as an adult it is easy to feel uncomfortable and getting the feeling that everyone is looking your way.
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Q&A with Mireia Prat
Mireia Prat is our ambassador from Spain on The Ladies European Tour (LET). The Ladies European Tour announce a record-breaking 2021 schedule featuring 27 events in 19 different countries and Mireia will be participating in 20 of them.
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Meet our CEO Ulrika
We have had the pleasure of speaking to Ulrika Skoghag, the CEO and owner of Daily Sports. A sportswear company that designs, produces and sells clothes for golfing women all over the world with the slogan that you should wear clothes that make you active.
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