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How to handle the pressure before competitions
Now the season is really getting started for us in Sweden as well (we have had a long winter this year). This means that the competition season is also approaching. Competing can be fun and very challenging in a positive way, but it can also involve a lot of nervousness and pressure, which for many causes great discomfort. You might want to compete, but opt ​​out because the discomfort that the pressure creates.
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We’ve truly poured our hearts into this collection – Ulrika Skoghag, Daily Sports
– I don't think we've ever created a more significant collection than Sisters by Heart. It speaks what needs to be said without shouting, taking a stand in a subtle yet powerful way. Most importantly, it contributes to the protection of women's and girls' rights.
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Jenny Hagman - Kom igång i tid inför golfsäsongen stretchövningar
5 ways to get ready for the golf season
March is here, and spring is approaching (for us northerners). That means the golf nerves are starting to awaken, so take advantage of this by preparing yourself for a new golf season. We're discussing the importance of reviewing your equipment, as well as how to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. Make sure you're fully prepared when the season kicks off in your region.
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Så ökar du rörligheten för att slå längre
How to increase flexibility to hit longer
Hitting longer ranks high on the wishlist for most golfers. So what can you do to start hitting longer? Many think of strength and explosiveness, which of course is important. The same goes for technique; it's also crucial. Naturally, you'll also hit farther with good ball contact (which you primarily achieve through good fundamentals).
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Hink med bollar på rangen
How to get the most out of your training at the range or indoor center
Due to weather condition, golfers in the Nordics spend most of their time playing and practicing at one of the available indoor centers, compared to the southern parts where you can both play and practice indoor and outdoor. Regardless of your location, it's good to receive some tips for your training. In this article I will talk about how you can get the most out of your training, whether you are playing indoors at a golf center or at an outdoor driving range. You will also get some tips on how to train with style and comfort for the best results.
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The best golf trip destinations – 5 tips from Jenny Hagman
Having something to look forward to is one of the key ingredients for well-being and functioning at your best. Anticipating something gives you both energy and joy in the present moment. And something that can truly be worth looking forward to is a trip, especially in the winter for us Scandinavians.
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