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We give you with the latest fashion tips that will help you find your way through the jungle of designers golf clothes. You will also receive exercise tips that we hope inspires you to keep moving even off the golf course. Read our latest and most popular posts here.
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Start exercising outdoors
When temperature drops it is easy to get stuck in the warm and cozy couch at home. But with the right clothes, a visit to the outdoors in the winter is great for body and mind and it will boost your energy. The satisfying feeling you get after exercising outdoors is amazing!
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The road ahead with focus on golf
Ten years ago, Carinas life was turned upside down when a vein suddenly popped in her head. Apparently, people suffer from strokes every 17 minutes in Sweden, something I never reflected upon until it happened to my friend.
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Home training for the buttocks
Have you ever heard of Gluteus Maximus? It sounds like a roman emperor, doesn’t it? Well, it is actually the name of our biggest muscle, the gluteal muscle or commonly referred to as your butt. Our most important muscle that gets a lot of attention right know because it is very trendy to have a buttock with a lot of “put”. However, there are so many more important reasons to why you should exercise your buttocks.
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A walk-in nature can revive you
On the weekends then, I treat myself to staying in nature. Then I take the time to walk in the woods and on the ground, feel the scents and see the changes in nature. It's a great way to recover and unwind.
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She changed the Swedish golf fashion
Daily Sports the family company celebrates 25 years of making fashionable clothes for golfing women around the world.
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The most common terms used on a golf course
The game of golf has a language of its own, and it can be difficult to understand the terminology sometimes, especially if you are a beginner. This article will explain some of the most common words and expressions used and make you feel right at home on the course.
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