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Q&A with Pamela “Pam” Andersson Alselind

Work out

What has golf meant to you as woman?

I have always been interested in sports, I am actually the only sports nerd in my family. I started exercising at a young age and have always been an active person. I knew early on that I wanted to pursue a carrier as a journalist. And when I was thirteen years old I realized that I could combine my passion for writing and sports and dedicated myself to becoming a sports journalist.

When you get to choose for yourself, which sport would you rather do?

Then I like to do biathlon, athletics, and downhill skiing. I also love rural cycling, weight lifting, dancing, and my new favorite sport boxing! A power walk with our dog is also nice.

I am not the type of person that dream of things they want to accomplish, if I want to do something, I do it right away. I have done all the things I always dreamt of: traveled the world, lived abroad, driven a car across the USA, and dived with sharks. I have already checked off my bucked list several times. My dream is to keep living, to grow old, and have the chance to see my kids grow up and have grandkids. If something pops up I do it right away, there is no reason to wait. Maybe I have to save money for a while but I always start on day one. I don’t like to postpone things for 2-3 years, I live here and now.

Do you have any favorite garments at Daily Sports?

Clothes and fashion arev a huge interest of mine. I love dresses. I always wear a dress, both fitness dresses, and long dresses, and occasionally a skirt. I only have two pairs of pants that I never wear. I like to change jackets as well and I have many different jackets and vests that I like to color match with the dress I’m wearing. I absolutely love colorful clothes. Daily Sports dresses and skirts are great, I love the fact that they are equipped with a pair of inner shorts. I wear them a lot during the summer, it’s the perfect item to wear on the boat. I really like the skort Glam, with the silver side piping, and also the shorter Lyric shorts, one of my all-time favorites. A vest is a perfect garment to wear with a dress since it helps to keep you warm. A short-sleeved wind jacket is also a perfect garment to wear over your fitness top.