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Why do we do this?
Because our hearts tell us it’s needed.

It all happens in a tirelessly working muscle, just a little larger than your clenched fist. As long as the muscle works, we feel. Love resides in the heart.

Humans are born with love and empathy, especially females, who are hardwired to better sense how others are feeling. And there’s clearly a need for more empathy between women. If you’re one of us, you probably know. You feel it in your heart.

About turning this around.

Equality isn’t one of humanity’s best disciplines. In fact, progress has regressed lately. That’s why – even though writing it feels strange in 2024 – it’s more important than ever that we have each other’s backs, as sisters. Only then can the trend be reversed. And that’s where your hearts come into play.

About us at Daily Sports.

Daily Sports was founded by women and is run by women who design garments for active women. We want to support important work wherever we find it suitable, so that one half of the world’s population doesn’t just tell the other what to do.

For every product sold in the Sisters by Heart collection, proceeds will benefit UN Women Sweden, who are working for women’s and girls’ rights worldwide. Next to each product, you’ll see exactly how much.

No muscle is more important than the heart. Therefore, these are probably our most important garments. Wear them with pride, as a message between sisters.

From one sister to another, from the heart,


Ps. Read more about UN Women and the motivations behind the Sisters by Heart collection below.

UN Women and UN Women Sweden
– Supporting women.

In a perfect world, an organization like UN Women wouldn’t be necessary. But the reality is, that one in three women worldwide experiences physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives. So, no, the world is far from perfect.

UN Women is the UN’s gender equality entity. Established in 2010, the organization works for global gender equality and the rights of women and girls. This work is carried out in nearly a hundred countries.

UN Women addresses the entire gender equality agenda; promoting women’s and girls’ participation in all aspects of society and strengthening women’s economic empowerment. The latter gives women control over their lives, providing them with greater opportunities, for instance, to leave a relationship with an abusive partner.

All forms of violence against women and girls must be combatted. Always. That’s why UN Women collaborates with various stakeholders to change and strengthen laws and policies. And, more importantly, provides support to ensure these are practically implemented. All to prevent and combat violence.

Another crucial role of UN Women is during humanitarian crises, to meet the specific needs of women and girls.

It’s an important contribution to women in an imperfect world.

Scroll down to read more about Zara, who created the fantastic watercolor paintings for the Sisters by Heart collection.

About the designs.

The motifs that make our Sisters By Heart collection so special are created by Zara, who produces handmade visual design and art in small series at Studio Raha: ”I want you to feel who the woman in my images is. What she wants. What temperament she has. I want her to feel like a sister.”

As you can see, Zara primarily works in watercolor, which makes the process somewhat random and fluid: ”You have to work very fast. Since I use a lot of water, the color sometimes takes paths on the paper that are not entirely predictable. One of the charms of using this technique.”

We at Daily Sports believe that Zara is a tad modest. She seems to be in full control of the result. And we are very happy to borrow her eye for storytelling and form for our collection. Explore more of Zara’s art at

Thank you for reading this far. We hope to see you soon in a Sisters by Heart garment!