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Exercises for your legs, arms, and abdominals

Work out


Begin the standard push up with your hands placed wide apart on the bench. The closer your hands are together the more challenging these exercises are on your triceps


Side to side mountain climbers is a great exercise that work several different muscles at the same time.

Bench lunges

Stand two to three feet in front of a bench or a sturdy chair, and place the top of your left foot on the bench. Slowly lower into a lounge, keeping a 90-degree angle and your right knee behind your right toes. (Press your heel down for best result).

Russian Twist

Russian twist is a rotating abdominal exercise that really works your obliques. Sit on a bench and hold an item for instance a pair of gloves in your hands. Lift your feet from the floor and lean backward. Move your gloves from side to side and engage your abdominal throughout the exercise.

Abdominals leg pull ins

Sit on a bench, place your hands to your side, grasping the edge of the bench with each hand. Lean back and bring your knees in towards your midsection and extend your legs out, make sure that your abs are doing the work in a slow and controlled fashion.


Perform step-ups by standing in front of the bench. Place your right foot on top of the bench and push through your right leg to lift your body up onto it. Step down slowly with your left leg and perform the next repetition leading with your left foot. You can use your body weight for this exercise or hold dumbbells throughout the movement for an added challenge.