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How to cure your fears on the golf course – 5 tips
Feeling fear about various things when we play golf is very common. It can be about different obstacles, such as water hazards, out-of-bounds, or bunkers. It can be a fear of a fellow player who is better than you or someone you don't know. It can also be a fear of failure or underperforming.
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How to dress smart on the golf course – 5 tips
Now that it's starting to get colder outside, it's important to think about how you dress. A classic tip for a warm and comfortable round of golf, regardless of the weather, is to dress in layers. It might be a bit colder in the morning, warmer during the day, and unexpected rain could come. So, it's important to be able to adapt without it interfering too much with your game.
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How to get along with your golfing partners
Getting along with your fellow players in golf can be crucial for both your performance and well-being during the round. When I'm out lecturing to golfers, I often ask the audience what stresses them out the most when they play. One of the stress factors that frequently comes up is indeed the fellow players. The stress can be related to the other players in the group being better, someone playing too slowly, talking loudly, or taking up a lot of space. You can also be stressed by fellow players who constantly point out water hazards and bunkers or interfere with your game by giving swing tips.
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Hitting straight and long – 5 tips
Hitting straight and long is the desire of every golfer, and it's also the wish I hear most often when I meet a student. After working as a coach with a holistic approach for over 25 years, I've gained a certain understanding of what is most crucial to succeed in this regard. I am pleased to share 5 important tips to keep in mind.
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Q&A with Jenny Hagman – Daily Sports new ambassador
We are proud to introduce Jenny Hagman as the new ambassador for Daily Sports. Jenny Hagman is a Licensed Mental Trainer in sports and leadership, holding a bachelor's degree in business economics. Jenny is also a certified medi-yoga and mindfulness instructor, using these powerful tools in her holistic training approach.
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Q & A with Agatha Sapak
I have been in the golf industry for over 20 years and find it fascinating how the women’s side has grown and evolved.
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