7 outdoor activities for the fall season

Work out
Autumn is the time of the year when we snuggle up in front of the TV and light candles. However, with the right clothes it’s a wonderful season to spend some time outside. Our outdoor collection carries urban, wind and water repellant clothes and functional sweaters, which makes it easy to dress in layers. Here is a list of seven outdoor activities to do this fall.
  • Power walk or Nordic walk

Autumn with its crisp air and colorful nature is a beautiful season for power walks. Bring your dog or friend, listen to an audiobook or just clear your mind. If you like to work a little harder try a Nordic walk!

  • Hiking

Hiking together with friends is a great way of combining exercise with socializing. Hiking leaves you plenty of time to catch up at the same time as you are spending time outside.

  • Forest bathing

Forest bathing is a Japanese expression which basically means being in the presence of trees, something that has proven to lower your heart rate, blood pressure and boost your overall feeling of wellbeing. Make forest bathing an activity together with your friends and family. Find a nice spot and drink your coffee surrounded by trees.

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  • Mushroom picking

The most popular autumn activity of all is without a doubt mushroom picking. And for those who are unsure of which mushroom to pick, it is easy to down load the mushroom identify app.

  • Go for a run-in in the day light or in the dark

Go for a run during lunch break is a great way of catching day light during autumn when the sun sets early. You can also embrace the dark season and get yourself a headlamp. If you feel like being even more adventures there are several glow-in-the-dark trails you can try, let your headlamp shine on the glow-in- the-dark marks along the trail and you’ll find your way.

  • Bike

A bike ride in the fall is truly magical, just make sure to dress warm and be extra careful with your hands and feet. Do you like to spend time in the forest, try mountain biking? Beginners should start out with the green trail since it is usually a easy trail without any technical difficulties.

  • Cold water bathing

Before you dismiss this tip just because you hardly swim during the summer: try it! You will be freezing at first, but then be amazed of the warmth you’ll feel once you get up. Cold bathing will spike your energy level, increase your blood flow and lower your blood pressure.