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Q & A with Monika Geisler



“I remember that very well, I personally didn’t have a very good time back then and there were a lot of changes and challenges in my life”.

What is most important for you on the course?

I am active and like to be outdoors, preferably with my partner. We like to travel and combining this with our favorite sport is a passion. Also, taking time out with my girls after a nice round of golf to chat over good food and a glass of wine is pure joy of life. I love fashion, so my outfit on the golf course is coordinated from head to toe.

How has the last year been on the course?

I am not an ambitious golfer. I don’t practice at the driving range and I’m not concerned with getting as low a handicap as possible. I describe myself as a leisure golfer. I also traveled a lot for the magazine and was able to play around 40 of the most beautiful golf courses in Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, France and Hungary.

What is your best golf tips?

Mark Twain already said “Golf is a good walk spoiled. “. Golf is a game and a sport and it is not a matter of life and death. Golf is paradox – so please don’t take it too seriously!

What do you do when you don’t play golf?

Athletically, I like to be in the gym and train strength and endurance. I live right on the edge of the forest and I like to take advantage of that for a short jog or long walk. Otherwise, I live and work in Zurich.

If you got to play at any course in the whole world, which one would it be?

In Vienna I was recently told a very nice sentence about Wiener Schnitzel “I can only tell you the place with the second best Schnitzel, because there could always be a better one” I see it the same way with golf courses. But at the top of my list are interesting golf courses that offer something for the eye.

What is your favorite garments from Daily Sports?

That’s for sure, the Magic High Water Pants.  I’m very small and petite and the pant length fits perfectly. Whether golf or business, I’m always perfectly dressed with them.


“I love fashion, so my outfit on the golf course is coordinated from head to toe”.