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Practice golf indoors from north to south during the off season

When darkness falls and snow covers all our courses across the country like a thick white coat many put their clubs away.

An intense golf season lies behind us and we deserve a break, but for those who like to keep practicing there are many indoor golf facilities you can visit. These facilities have gone through a huge transformation from being a dusty, musty basement with an old fish net hanging from the ceiling to a really nice golf lounge equipped with the latest golf simulators

We have found the indoor golf facilities across the country worth visiting, hope one is located near you.

World of Golf – Västra Frölunda

World of Golf offers seventy-two neat mats and the range measures three hundred and five meters and are equipped with twenty-six spotlights which makes it easy to track the ball even when it is pitch dark outside. The mats have a quartz-heater that will keep you warm all year round. World of Golf’s mats are also equipped with a ProTracerRange that makes your practice more effective and fun. From a ProTracerRange you are allowed to practice with a Launch Monitor from which you can fine tune your game, Points Game here you can challenge yourself and your friends by hitting closest to the pin. There also the added challenge called “in the air bonus rings” that will give you bonus points if you manage to hit through them, Long Drive in is the game where you challenge your friends in a long drive contest, all players have six tries and Virtual Golf that lets up to eight players play real courses – you can choose from stroke play, match play and scramble.

Lidingö Indoor – Stockholm

Lidingö Indoor is located nine kilometers from Stockholm city, a must visit for those who like to try Trackman 4. A golf simulator that helps you analyze all your shots from a short putt to a 382-yard drive. It also maps the shot’s 3D trajectory in real time, together with all impact and launch information. Trackman 4 has all the icon courses such as St. Andrews, Muirfield Village and Pebble Beach, the resemblance of a real course is truly stunning. It also offers different tournament formats that you can play with a friend.

Drive In – Karlstad

In the sunshine city of Värmland, you will find Karlstad GK’s Drive In, a super nice facility where you can fine tune your game during the off season. It has two golf simulators, seven individual mats a tilted putting green and a private studio for lessons. The Trackman simulator offers the possibility to play seventy-five courses across the world, par three-courses and Trackman’s own fictional course. Trackman 4’s latest technique gives you the possibility to really challenge yourself by adding rough weather, hard fairways and fasters greens. Keep up with your game this winter and book a lesson with you pro or visit Drive In just to hang out with your golf buddies.

Golf Center – Malmö

Five miniutes from Malmö city lies Skåne’s largest driving range Hylliekrokens Golf Center. The driving range has seventy outdoor mats out of which thirty-five are has roof coverage which can come in handy during rainy days. The mats are also equipped with heaters so that you can practice and take lessons during the cooler month of the year. Hylliekroken change range balls and mats before every season and they have two practice areas to choose from where you can practice your putting, chipping, pitching and sand shots. Hylliekrokens Golf Center spot light system will light up the entire practice area when needed all year round.

Indoor Golf – Östersund

Östersund Indoor facility has both a golf lounge and a padel course in the same building, which could come in handy. They have TrackMan 4 monitors and are a part of the Indoor Golf Group just like Karlstad Indoor and Lidingö Indoor, so please stay tuned, there will be lots of fun tournaments to come. Last year they arrange the big tournament “Race to Le Golf National” where 24 happy winners got the chance to play the The Ryder Cup course Le Golf National outside Paris.