Mental and physical exercise



Annika Sörenstam and Tiger Woods are usually the first names that comes to mind when one speaks of golfers with both physical and mental strengths, they were both superior at their game and stayed number one for a very long time. They were both in good physical shape since exercised regularly both cardio and weightlifting.

Everyone can improve their strength and even their technique by doing certain balance, body-weight training or weightlifting exercises. Once you feel that your body is more balanced and stronger your confidence will improve and also prevent you from getting injured

A simple gym at home will do just fine, but today most golf clubs offer a membership at their fitness center, which is great since it gives all the members the opportunity to meet other each other during the off season and exchange ideas about golf and exercise.

Breathing and yoga exercises are also two forms of exercises that will improve your performance and don’t forget to rest. We often forget that we need to recover in order to improve.


There are a million things to learn about mental and physical fitness. A healthy life style is an important ingredient in our everyday life so no matter if you’re young, old, female or male, a boy or a girl golf will encourage you to mental, social and physical exercise.

Look at the full spectrum and set a goal that is inspiring, simple, educational and make it fun.