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In shape for a great summer

Work out

One leg bend

Stand on one leg (support yourself with a wall or your club) Bend the leg you are standing on as far down as you can without letting your heel lift the floor. Improvement area: stability in your hip, leg and buttocks. Strengthen your swing.

Standing rotations

Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Rotate so that your right hand touches your left knee. Then come together at the same time as you raise your hand upwards and rotate your upper body as far to the right as you possibly can. Look at your hand the whole time. Improvement area: Movement in your abdominals and back muscles which makes swinging easier.

Rowing plank

Stand in a full plank (stand on your knees if this is too difficult) hold your body still at the same time as you lift one elbow as high as you can. Improvement area: Tough and effective strengthening exercise for both your stomach and back.

Russian twist

Sit down on the floor and lean backwards with your feet off the ground. Twist your upper body from side to side, with or without a golf club. Improvement area: abdominals, this exercise helps the rotation of the golf swing.

Golfer’s elbow prehab

Take a club or a small dumbbell in your hand. Place your wrist on your knee with your hand hanging loose. Bend your palm to the floor and then angle your knuckles to the ceiling. Improvement area: underarm and prevents a golfer’s elbow.

Make 3 x 10 at least once a week

With these exercises you will have a much better chance of an injure free body this season and the chance are you’ll hit the ball a lot further. So, don’t hesitate and start exercising today and you will give yourself the best conditions for this season. The best of luck to you and have a wonderful summer!