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Do you feel uncomfortable on the golf course?

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Basic golf terms every golfer should know

There are tons of golf terms that you will learn throughout the process. Here are some of the basics that every golfer should know; The most common terms used on a golf course

Play with a low handicap-golfer

As if you weren’t already busy focusing on your own routine and hitting the next shot there are several golf etiquette rules one must take in consideration. Therefore, it can be a good idea to start out playing together with a low handicap-golfer and many golf courses have a par-three-course which is a perfect place to start playing.

Take a lesson or a course

It can be expensive to take golf lessons but once you do you will soon realize it is so worth it. A golf teacher will help you fine tune the little details in your game that are hard to see for yourself. Plus, the knowledge of always being able to improve your game if you practice on the right things makes your time on the course worthwhile. A group lesson can be the perfect option if you think a private lesson is too expensive.

Dress comfortable

The golf industry has been dominated by a conservative fashion for a very long time, but today things are looking up. The easiest way to feel relaxed on the course is to dress in clothes that make you comfortable. Daily Sports golf clothes are known for their fashionable color’s textures and functional materials and comfort. It shouldn’t be such hard work to dress nice for the course.

Only count your good shots

As a beginner it is easy to compare yourself to other more experienced players. Remind yourself that we all learn at a different pace, and even the most experienced player has once been in your shoes. So please, don’t be too hard on yourself and make the first 10–15 rounds your warm-up session and only count your good shots.

Have fun!

Golf is a fantastic sport where you get a good exercise at the same time as you spend time with your friends being in the outdoors. Drop your guard and head out to the course.