The road ahead with focus on golf

Women who inspire

The Next Peg

Because of Carinas fighting spirit, she has made a remarkable recovery. She is the most positive, humble and caring person you will ever meet. Even though the road back was far from easy and meant that she had to relearn how to walk, talk, write, drive a car and practice her memory, she has made it. As her friend I know now that this road is far from straight and each individual has to form their own journey of recovery.

We live in an amazing time where the possibilities exceed the limitations, something Carina has proven to be true time and time again. With a weekend right side and a strong left side Carina has become an impressive golfer against all odds. Her amazing attitude and love for the game has paved her way of life in a new direction. This proofs to all of us that everything is possible. She is such a great role model to me and to all of those who has ever been forced to start over. Everything is possible and you can do it too!

A role model

Today Carina is aiming for Paragolf and I am proud to announce that Kallfors Golf Club in Järna is a great supporter of Paragolf and has hosted several Swedish national events. Our facilities and enthusiasts have brought Paragolf to a whole new level in Sweden, a fantastic environment to be a part of.
We must remind ourselves that what happened to Carina can happen to each and every one of us. Together we can make a difference by continuing to raise awareness on the subject which allows for a golf climate to grow. The road ahead with focus on golf!

We will continue to follow Carinas journey and promote that golf is a sport intended for everyone.

Carina we root for you!