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The Next Peg

Women who inspire
From being a none golfer to making two hole-in-ones on a par three course with one arm – is an extraordinary performance.

Perhaps you have already read Madeleine “Madde” Hofmann at Dimple Golfs story about her dear friend Carina. If not, here is a short summary: Ten years ago, Carina suffered a stroke, and was anesthetized for three months with a 15% chance of surviving. The stroke gave Carina a heavy reduced right side and Carinas right arm and speech is still not what it used to be, thankfully she is making progress every day.

“Carina has made remarkable recoveries both in changing her relationship and also to adjust life according to her handicap. She has also started to play golf, which has been a huge motivator and something that enlighten her day with energy and meaning.”

Carinas background of being an elite basketball player, a former health coach together with and all the support from her friends has made the healing process easier.

Madde says that it is important to mention that it isn’t just the incredible support from all of her friends, it is also her own willpower and determination to get well that has played a major role in her healing process. Madde has started the project The Next Peg, an initiative to enlighten the important part golf plays for those who have suffered a stroke and the equal opportunities for all those to participate in sports. And also, to inspire other golf clubs to start The Next Peg.

It was Madde that inspired Carina to start playing golf, she felt that she needed to be challenged in order to make further progress. So, she contacted Per Sjöberg at Kallfors GK that runs the Paragolf Tour in Sweden. Per introduced Carina to the game and got her to understand that it is possible to play one handed, she got the picture and started practicing on her putting. Per encourage her to practice golf once a week and being  the dedicated sole she is she showed up for practice twice a week. This was in May and before that she had never sat a foot on a golf course. Together with Per her game improved rapidly and she has worked hard on not holding her arm the way she did so instead she let it rest on her back which gave her a much better execution.

In June Malin Landehag stepped in as her teacher. Malin can relate to what she is going through since she was tied to a wheel chair for 6 years and after that walked on crutches for 4 years. She wants to help others that find themselves in a similar situation, since she knows all about the importance of supporting one another.

“During practice together with Malin, Carina has a really good time they laugh and talk a lot which is a very important part of the healing process.”

Carina wanted to give herself the proper equipment so she tried every shaft and clubhead in the city to find a lighter club with a softer clubhead. This was the final improvement she did before the season ended at it has made wonders to her game. She then added swimming and weight lifting to her schedule together with Anette who is both her friend and coach. Carina was trained to do push-ups again, and she is also able to use the weight machines again – It is an incredible feeling for her to recapture this part of her life.

Carina has not missed a practice session since she started and has kept challenging herself. Now she makes two holes in ones on the par three course! Her ball and eye coordination are really good which is helpful and the fact that she is extremely competitive. Another important part golf plays in order for her to pursue it is that she gets to be in charge and the ball isn’t moving.

The synapses never stop to develop and as a result of all the exercise Carinas speech has improved. Now we are able to talk on a deeper level, not only light subject such as the weather. This also helps to improve her social well-being and health.

Carina didn’t stop playing just because the course closed, during the winter she practices indoors. Once a week she practices together with Gustav at Golf Lounge in Södertälje, Gustav is Carinas best friend Monika’s son – whom has also been a huge support to Carina during this time. This once again shows the importance of being surrounded by friends.

“Come spring one of her part time goals is to play 18 holes with friends and one of her long- term goals according to her teacher Malin is to participate in a training camp with Pia Nilsson in the USA, Pia is a golf teacher and former team captain for the swedish golf team. The goals are set high but the most important goal for Carina is to join the Handi tour.”

Maddes goal is to visit more golf courses and inform them about The Nex Peg and to get more people that suffered a stroke to find the golf course. Do you want Madde to give a lecture at your club or for a smaller group? Please contact Madde!