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She changed the Swedish golf fashion

Women who inspire
Daily Sports - a family company
Daily Sports the family company celebrates 25 years of making fashionable clothes for golfing women around the world. With focus on design and feminine fit, Daily Sports has become a company to be reckoned with in the Swedish golf fashion industry. Even since the founder of the company Elisabeth Skoghag started playing golf in the 90s, design and a feminine fit has been close to heart.

“Back then, my friends were already playing golf, yet I couldn´t help but think the clothes they were wearing were looking unstylish and didn’t fit quiet right. My interest in fashion drew me to find an alternative, I was looking everywhere, but all I could find were unstylish and poor fitting clothes”, says Elisabeth Skoghag.

Elisabeth´s background of working as an importer and producing clothes in Asia for major Swedish fashion homes like H&M, Lindex, KappAhl och Åhléns came in handy. She acted quickly and shortly thereafter Dailys Sports was born.

Twenty-five years has past, but Elisabeth can still recall their first sale.

My husband Rolf and I entered a golf exhibition in Sweden, Rolf had made our showroom from scratch and I was serving homemade sandwiches to all our visitors. We stood out in many ways! With a colorful collection; fashionable tops with golden buttons and long keystrokes. Skirts, shorts and feminine fitted trousers all in matching colors. The exhibition was a success we managed to sell enough clothes and even though the volumes were far from what my suppliers were used to, they helped me with the production”, says Elisabeth.

Since then, Daily Sports has grown into a well-known company in the golf industry and is now available in 24 countries around the world. The importance of design and well fitted clothes for women remains the most important ingredient in the company.

“We opened everyone’s eyes to a more playful way of dressing on and off the the golf course and I am thrilled that the core idea remains after 25 years”, Elisabeth adds.

Today Daily Sports is run by Elisabeth´s daughter Ulrika Skoghag, whom has been a part of the company since 2005. Ulrika and Elisabeth both agree on the importance of adapting to change in a fast-growing market.

“I believe a major part of our success comes from the belief of keeping our roots and letting our identity remain the same. We have had the courage to go our own way in a market dominated by men. Our strong work ethic and determination, has made us what we are today; a brand with many loyal customers whom with great anticipation is looking forward to every new collection. I believe in a bright future and that the knowledge and understanding of our history will carry us past any obstacle that may come our way”, Ulrika Skoghags adds.