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Patricia Trennewall – meet our designer

Women who inspire

“The best part of my job is that I get to create something that makes women happy and no day is the same. I also love the creative process of my job where I integrate with my colleagues, it fills me with energy and inspiration.”

How do you plan on developing Daily Sports as a brand and future collections?

First of all, I look at the company’s statistics and sell records and I always have the woman who is going to wear our clothes in focus. I think about her all the time, I see her before me and ask myself, what would she like to wear? Sometimes I challenge her by adding an extra detail to a garment, which has been really appreciated. I like to inspire women and challenge them to follow their dreams. The clothes my colleague and I create highlight the female silhouette.

The clothes are sporty and I like to add a feminine touch to each garment, sometimes a tiny detail is enough. I like the women who wear our clothes to feel independent, feminine and beautiful. We carry certain icon products that we always stock and bring into every new collection. These are our most popular products and the ones we are known for. It is comforting for our customers to know that they can always find the icon products in our stores, in basic and seasonal colors. We always want to add something new and exciting to each collection so it feels inspirational.

When do you start working on a new collection?

We work on every Collection two years in advance. Right now, me and my colleague will start working on the autumn and winter collection for 2022.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere. Travelling has always been an important source of inspiration for me. Normally we go on trips with work to seek inspiration, but even a private trip can be enough. Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes. If I for instance take a different walk to the office or travel to a different part of the city it can be enough for me to get a feeling or see a detail that inspires me. I often take a walk along the water which help me to rinse my thoughts and gather new inspiration. During the pandemic I have to find new ways, because a fashion spread isn’t enough. Instead I have found that interior, art, music, film, food, people and a shopping window filled with flowers or articles on society inspires me the most.

“The products which I carry and favor the most are the trousers Avoriaz and Trina. I love their shape and soft fabric.”

Are you allowed to do exactly as you please? If not, who are involved in the decision-making process?

Ulrika the CEO gives us room to create and evolve in our own pace.  We are two designers, Pernilla Sandqvist and I, that work as a team. We share every detail of the creative process in making a new collection. Pernilla has been with the company longer than me, and knows its DNA. Before every new collection we brainstorm then we share a first draft with Ulrika. The first idea usually fades out. It is an ongoing process. We come up with ideas, mix them together, intervene the details and at last we have created something great. Even though we are a team we don´t think alike. We come from different backgrounds, we have different personalities and of course when it comes to color and shape everyone has a different opinion. Our source of inspiration, thoughts and reflections aren’t the same and nothing is right and wrong. That is what makes the designer process so important, we usually twist and turn a thought a few times before we reach a final result. It is important to set boundaries for how long such a process can go on, since we have a deadline.

It is very important that one is humble in the process, something I thought was more difficult when I was younger. Then I could get offended when everyone didn’t like my draft, the texture or whatever I had created. With time I have learned not to take it personal, instead I embrace the fact that it is the process making that keeps us moving forward.

Does your role as a designer has to know the complete product making process?

Yes, it certainly makes it easier for a designer if they understand the entire process. It can truly complicate things if one is not involved in the consequences an adjustment a detail might result in. Once we have decided what to produce we make a sketch of each garment. We then leave a tech pack, detailed information to Therese, who is the product manager for Daily Sports. She makes out a plan for the production and send our tech packs to our production team in Hong Kong. They will then handle the communication process with our suppliers.

The design team are also involved in the process of trying on sample clothing. We check each measurement, the quality of the fabric and make sure the color combinations are correct. We work with four different collections simultaneously; the sketch, the one we check for color and samples and one that we prepare for phots shoots. At the same time, we listen to feedback from our sales representatives regarding our next collection, which they are currently selling. And not to forget the collections we have in stores right now.