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Interview with Pernilla Sandqvist

Women who inspire

DN did an article about P’S Beckman’s show

“Before Beckman’s I worked as an economic assistance to finance my artistic education and before Daily Sports I have worked as an assistant at Boomerang, Gant and Marc O’Polo.”

What are the biggest changes from when you started working for Daily Sports?

I believe we are the same company today, our heritage remains. When I started everyone had to help out in where it was needed. For instance, when we received a container loaded with clothes that needed to be taken care of so everyone helped out. Even though it’s a long time ago now this spirit remains.

We are more specialized today since we have recruited skilled employees who have helped to develop the company and the people who works here. Before I was involved in the entire production line. At one point I even worked as a sales representative and had my own costumers. It was a fun and very educational period. I get nostalgic when I think back on the times when Elisabeth and I used to arrive one day early at the bigger fairs and build our own showcase. We then worked at the fair, took orders and at the end of a very long day we dismantled the showcase together. I take a lot of pride in the fact that I know the entire process, it is very useful in everything that I do. I have also got to know a lot of our distributors. I am happy that I got to be a part of it all although I am glad that we have made progress and that we make better quality products today. I am proud to say that we are making progress within the sustainable development of the company. It’s a difficult area but utterly important.

Then of course we cannot speak of then and now without mentioning the digital world. Which has meant a lot for us designers and how we can reach our consumer.

What is the most inspiring and uplifting part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is when I see a golfer wear our clothes or when I hear that a customer loves our pants so much that they are completely outworn. It is also pretty cool to tee off in the morning and realize that a woman in the group in front of us is wearing Daily clothes. At work, I really enjoy the entire process of creating a new collection. Even though I have done it many times it’s still very exciting to be a part of the creative process.

“Pernilla lights up a little extra when she talks about it”

If we ignore the production line, the sale process, and shipment and only take the design process into consideration. How long does it take to produce a collection?

That is a great question. Well, the first thing one must realize is that the collection we work on now will end up in stores two years from now. That is how long the production process takes. But if we start with the design process, which a small part of producing a collection and something many might think is the only thing a designer does.

We begin with deciding the size of the assortment, what is later called the collection.   We decide how many items and different styles should be included. Easily explained a program can include different themes a print/texture together with a base color and a few accent colors that are tied to that specific season. All themes together will make the entire collection.

Then the creative process starts. Now is when we create our new color line for the season, we then open our minds and let us get inspired by our surroundings. We aren’t tied to certain colors, instead, the colors and textures on the golf course are allowed to be playful. This is the fun part of the process, it is difficult to say from where I find inspiration for a new collection after 20 years. For me, the creative process is an ongoing process year-round. I can find inspiration for a new collection from different places, it can be anything from a: museum, theater, or sporting event. A shape from a leaf during a walk in the forest or a detailed concrete wall. It can really be anything. It’s part of the occupational hazard of being a designer I suppose.

Once the colors and pattern images are set we make out the collection. This means we look through all the themes in the collection and make sure nothing overlaps. During this process, we also decide if we need to add or withdraw something. This process is made in collaboration with our CEO and production manager. We also have a close collaboration with our distributors during this process. At Daily Sports, we feel that it is very important that every one that is a part of the Daily Sports team works feel included. We feel it’s important to take into consideration wishes from our distributors, customers, and sales team.

For example, our Pre Spring-Collection is very important for the US market which means we make sure our distributor in the US is satisfied with the collection before we release it. Our distributors are a valuable link from us to the consumer.

What are you most proud of?

The fact that sales have increased every year since I started. More specifically the upbringing of our Magic trouser, that me and our CEO Ulrika made. They have been worn by several thousands of women. I call them our 501´s, just like the huge jeans company calls their icon trouser. We got the inspiration for the Magic pants during a trip to New Jersey.

Do you have other ways of expressing your creativity.

I like doing things with my hands. It can be practical things like decorating the house, building a gym in our summerhouse. During the years I have done model paintings in oil and acryl I also sew a lot. Right now, I sew curtains for the home and broken toys for the dog.

What skills and educational requirements are desirable to become a designer?

I think it varies from one person to the next, and it also depends on what kind of designer you would like to become. I believe that everyone that work with design has a passion for colors, textures, shape and form. I knew early on that I wanted to work with clothes, not haute couture, because I wanted to create clothes for everyday life. For me it became natural to design sports clothes since I am a sporty girl. There are several Universities you can study at, for example Textila Univeristy in Borås or Universities abroad like S:t Martins.

Where do you get your inspiration?

As I mentioned before, it’s an ongoing process, I more or less seek inspiration in everything that I do. I know what’s in store when it comes to colors and shapes. Both a vacation and an inspirational trip works for me.

Where in the world to you turn for inspiration?

Cities that inspire me are New York, Barcelona, Milano, München, Hongkong, Shanghai. We’ll see were the next trip takes me.

What do you think of Stockholm and Sweden?

We have always been very good at fashion. We have good infrastructure and we have a lot of good and professional people here. I believe Sweden and Stockholm will stay on the fashion map for a long time.

golfbana-flagga golfbana-flagga

Where do you think the fashion, world is headed?

It’s difficult to say, time will tell, but one also has to believe that one can effect it somehow. I like to care for our future and our climate, one of the hottest topics in the fashion world at the moment. The more I learn about it I come to realize how difficult it is.

Do you do anything special to boost yourself during your free time?

I do exercise in some form. I bike, do weight lifting or just hike in the forest. I like spending time by the lake, in the archipelago and near the ocean. And of course, I like to play golf and spend time with my family and our dog in our summer house. I find it easy to relax when I am off work, I don’t bring my work home with me. This is a quality I am most proud of and something I believe to be my super power.

What garment is your absolute favorite?

I like everything and the fact that we have something for everyone. But if I have to choose one I’ll choose our bottoms. Right now, Fliza is my favorite, a trouser I can wear anywhere.

During the weekend I always wear Daily Sports. It’s not because I only want to wear the clothes I design, it’s because they fit my life style.