What does the term Trygg E-handel – really mean? We will share all the information you need when it comes to safe and secure online shopping. We will also explain what a cookie really is and why we recommend that you accept it once you enter our website – we are constantly working on giving you the best experience as our costumer.

Secure e-commerce


Trygg e-handel (Secure e-commerce) is a certification for companies involved in e-commerce, i.e. any company that sells products and services via an online store (distance selling). E-commerce is based on precisely the same principles as traditional mail order, the difference being that the goods are presented on a website and that the sales contract is concluded directly on the website.

In order to protect your personal data and other sensitive data, it is important that you know to whom you are providing the data. You may also want to feel confident that the company will deliver the goods within the agreed time and that you will be able to get help after the purchase if something turns out to be wrong.


The purpose of “Trygg e-handel” as a certification system is to guide you as a consumer to choose the right e-commerce outlets when shopping so that you can feel safe and secure even after you click on “complete purchase”.

The objective of “Trygg e-handel” is to help consumers feel as safe and secure shopping online as they do in a physical store.

When you buy from a company that has the “Trygg e-handel” certification, it means that the company has committed to complying with a number of requirements through an agreement. Only well-established and reputable companies have the right to carry the “Trygg e-handel” certification.

The requirements of “Trygg e-handel” are designed to ensure that consumers like you are familiar with and take advantage of their rights when shopping online. Among other things, it requires the company to be clear about its identity, have secure procedures for processing personal data, use secure payment solutions, and have sound finances.


Svensk Distanshandel (Swedish Distance Sellers) verifies that the requirements are met by the certified companies through credit checks, test purchases and investigations where there is any suspicion of deficiencies. To give you extra confidence, “Trygg e-handel” receives complaints from consumers like you when a problem is suspected.

If you complain about a company that has the “Trygg e-handel” certification and it turns out that the company acted improperly/in violation of the requirements, the company gets a “mark” in our register. In the event of serious deficiencies, the company’s certification may be revoked with immediate effect. All this together means that you as a consumer can feel confident that only reputable companies carry the “Trygg e-handel” symbol.


To verify that the symbol is genuine, click or hover over the “Trygg e-handel” symbol on the company’s website. Each company has a unique certificate at the tryggehandel.se domain. Daily Sports’ certificate can be found here.


You can find all the certified companies here. Companies are divided into categories based on what they sell to make it easier for you to find companies that sell the goods and services you are interested in.


Daily Sports is exempt from sanctions for failure to fulfil certain obligations under this agreement if the failure is due to an extenuating circumstance as set out below and the circumstance prevents, complicates or delays fulfilment. An extenuating circumstance shall include, among other things, official action or failure to act, new or amended legislation, labour market conflict, blockade, fire, flood, sabotage, major accident or other type of natural disaster. Force majeure includes government decisions that adversely affect the market and products, e.g. restrictions on indication, warning texts, sales bans, etc., abnormal decline in the market and the company having been exposed to criminal activity that affects the business.


Daily Sports is responsible for ensuring that the personal data provided in connection with purchases is processed in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act. By agreeing to Daily Sports’ purchase terms, you consent to some of your data being saved. We only save the data needed to be able to process your order and complete the purchase, facilitate future purchases, and enable your order status to be updated. As a customer, you can access the saved data at any time, change it or request its erasure.


A cookie is a small data file containing text that is stored in your browser. Cookie files are completely anonymous and contain no personal information. There are two types of cookies: permanent and temporary. Permanent cookies are stored as a file for a certain period of time until you, or the server that sent them, delete them. Temporary cookies, known as session cookies, are temporarily stored and disappear once you close your browser.

We use cookies to provide you, as a visitor to our website, with a better service. We use cookies to save statistics and follow what a user does on the page: log in, place something in the cart, traffic measurement, exposure and analysis of marketing. If cookies are not accepted, much of the website’s functionality stops working. The information collected enables us to develop and optimise the webshop so that it gives you what you want. If you want to turn off cookies, you can do so in your browser settings.


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