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How to protect yourself from the sun

There are few things in life that beats a sunny day on the golf course. And even though It is nice to finally see the sun again we need to be careful since the sun rays carry ultraviolet radiation which can be harmful. Here are 5 simple tips that helps you enjoy a sunny day on the golf course while staying protected.

Wear sunscreen and sunglasses

A visor or a hat, is a beautiful accessory and also a perfect way to protect your face from the sun. Beyond a visor, wearing sunglasses is a great way to keep your eyes from being exposed to the sun. Sunglasses screens out the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light rays that can harm your cornea. A damaged cornea can lead to impaired vision and it increases the risk of developing cataracts. Make sure your sunglasses provide 100% UV or UV400 protection.

Wear UV-protected golf clothes

A simple way to protect your skin from the sun is to wear UV protected clothes. All Dailys Sports golf shirts besides the mesh shirts are made out a UV protective fabric with a UPF 40. It is also good to know that all our golf clothes will give you some protection against the sun. A cotton t-shirt has a UPF of about 10, a viscose blouse has a UPF of 15 and a cotton shirt a UPF of 50. The less open or denser the fabric the better the protection, a loose-fitting apparel in light colors is preferable since tight clothing can stretch and reduces the level of protection.

Always wear sunscreen

For everyday wear, make sure you always wear sunscreen and a sun visor before heading out to the course – which is extra important if you like to wear a mesh top and a mesh glove. Use a sunscreen of minimum UPF 30 on your body and a UPF + 30 on your face since the skin in our face is thinner and more sensitive.

skydda-dig-mot-solen solskydd-på-golfbanan

Seek protection in the shade

After a long dark winter, it is nice to finally be able to soak in the sun again. And It is safe to do so just try to make a habit of not staying in the sun for too long. Seek protection in the shaded parts of the golf course. And make sure you eat your lunch in the shade after a sunny the on the golf course.

Play at different hours

If you only play a few times a week it isn’t harmful to pick the sunniest day. For a more dedicated golfer that plays several rounds a week it is more important to avoid the sunniest time of the day and play in the morning or in the evening when the sun rays are less harmful.