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Magic pants – the golf trousers loved by all


Magic Pants are one of our best-selling golf trousers for women all over the world. The golf trousers are manufactured in super-stretch material and have neither buttons nor zip, so they are easy to put on and fit neatly. Those who use these trousers usually say that what they really appreciate about Magic Pants is the way they fit all body shapes, offer unbeatable comfort and are stylish. An extra bonus is that the golf trousers work just as well on the golf course as they do out when walking or in the office.

Magic Pants


Magic Pants are full-length golf trousers that are suitable all year round because of their amazing adaptability. On cold days these golf trousers keep you warm and comfortable, on hot summer days they provide ventilation to keep you cool.


To Magic pants

Suitable all year round

High water


Magic High Water trousers have shorter legs than the full-length version, ending with a vent by the ankle. These golf trousers are suitable if you have shorter legs or feel that the Capri model is too short. Ideal on spring and summer days with low shoes.


To Magic high water

Ideal on spring and summer days



Magic Capri trousers end just below the knee with a vent. This model of golf trousers is ideal for those who want to feel the sun on their legs, but do not feel that shorts are suitable. The Capri trousers are a must in every golfer’s wardrobe during the spring and summer season.


To Magic capri

A must in every golfer’s wardrobe



Every season we produce new colours for the Magic range so that you can match with both your wardrobe and your newly-purchased golf clothes.


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